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Password generator

If properly follow this instructions on the use of our website, you can create a secret password with password generator, which will be difficult to break. Most people have a lot of different repetitive passwords for system mode, various forums, websites, etc. With so big amount of passwords it is not so easy to remember them and people have come up with easy passwords or use such passwords which include date of birth or the child’s name. Unfortunately, this class of passwords may be hacked very quickly (a hacker does not even need to use a stopwatch, he can do it instantly).

Primarily it is worth to say that thanks to the password generator you can quickly create strong passwords of a given length and complexity. It is very easy in use and operates on the principle of selection of random numbers and letters. So it is called random password generator. To generate a password, you must specify the symbols from which it will be consisted (numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters). Protection of confidential user data depends on the selection of a password, so that all symbols must be present in it. Also, for a more robust data security passwords should be changed periodically.

So, in order to think of a secure password, and protect yourself and your acquaintances from hacking it is worth strictly follow the following instructions. It is the only chance for you make sure that your data are under the full protection.

    1. Pay attention to the length of your password
      The golden rule is: the elongated your password, the more secure it is. Attackers use algorithms those consistently are picking up words and combinations until one of them will be correct. Each new symbol in your password creates a complementary hurdle for spyware, and the task becomes more complicated for the attacker. Foremost thing here is — not to overdo with it. A long password is not only difficult to crack, but to remember, so try to find a reasonable compromise. Experts say that the optimal number of symbols — from 8 to 12. But our secure password generator said that if you aspire to get a strong password it must consist of minimum 16 symbols.
    2. Combine the letters with numbers
      Inventing a password remind cocktail making, so do not be afraid to add not only the letters and numbers in it, but other «ingredients». It will be difficult for cracker to find such a combination, no matter how tricky programs he uses. Recipe for a good password: upper and lowercase letters, different numbers and such symbols as @% $!. A good example is — Wix4ev € R2016. The attacker will need 11 billion years to pick up such a password. Really! You can generate password of this complexity in our generator of passwords.
    3. Encryption passphrase instead of the code word
      Tip Edward Snowden — expert on passwords. We assume that you know that name. So, Snowden said that it is better to think not abiut just a password, but also about the password-phrase, because it, firstly, is longer, and secondly — it is easier to remember it.
      Think about a memorable phrase. Done? Now it is necessary to retrofit it a little bit, in order to make it turned into a strong password. There is a possibility to record only the first two letters of each word, or you may replace certain letters with some symbols and numbers. For example, the phrase “create your first site” can be converted into this password: cre8youR1stsite. Only please do not use above password for real, think of your own. Or you can apply our strong password generator for this purpose.
    4. Do not use your personal data
      Satisfactory password should not consist of your name, date of birth, surname and other personal information. If your name is Ann, the password ann123 – will be the most demonstrable and horribly unreliable one. We do not advise use the birthdays of relatives and their names — this information is easy to find in social networks, and the attacker will address this in the first place. You can use any other words, for example, names of illnesses (such as psoriasis or angina), street names or simply random words.
    5. Change your passwords from time to time
      This is not a panacea, but a good preventive measure. Change the passwords for all existing accounts every three months. Tedious, yes, but it is better to be reinsured in such matters.
    6. Try not to use the same password twice
      Modern applications and services require registration. We understand that you are tired of coming up with new passwords, but believe me, it is a necessity. The new site — a new password, take it for a rule. Why? Because, imagine that you have one password for everything and that the attacker has found it. He, of course, would be delighted, and you — unlikely. Exactly for this our password generator exists.
    7. Password — is a private thing
      It’s like a toothbrush. You do not require to share it with others, even with very close people. The more people are aware of your password, the bigger the risk of its leakage. So just in case, keep them to yourself.

For this same reason, do not send passwords by email and not store a document titled «Passwords» on the desktop. If you are afraid that will forget your cunning combinations, write them down in a special notebook, which lies at home. Using our password generator you will not have difficulty in remembering passwords, because it keeps all your passwords in a securely protected form. It will also help you save your time, because time is an invaluable thing. That’s why people often use online timers.